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Looking for a Custom Suit, Where are you located?
Located the Ottawa area

Are you looking for a custom suit created just for you? We believe that a studio visit is the best way to ensure you get the perfect fit. 


Your first step is to contact us to book your first consultation, "First Fitting".

We recommend your first fitting be 3 months before your competition date. But don't wait till 3 months to book your fitting, many girls book 5 months from their show date. A $50 deposit will hold your spot

What to Expect at your first fitting.

  • Face to face meeting at the KaydreamFit studio, located in Ottawa, Ontario. 

  • Measurements will be taken. No worries, we know you are months away from hitting the stage and we know what adjustments are needed to ensure the suit fits on show day. 

  • We work with you to select your suit colour. 

  • You will have the chance to try on a sample suit. 

  • We will determine your budget.

  • We will confirm your show date.

  • And finally we will Schedule your 2nd fitting. 

Step 2: Second Fitting

The Second fitting will be approximately 2 months from your show date. At this time your suit will be made and ready for you to try on. We will ensure everything fits and determine if any adjustments are needed. 

If no adjustments are needed. The suit will be ready to add rhinestones. 

If adjustments are needed, we will schedule a third fitting to ensure a perfect fit. A 50% suit payment will be required at this time. 

Step 3: Final Fitting

The final fitting will take place 3 weeks before your show date. At the final fitting you will get to take your suit home and payment of the remaining balance on your suit will be required. 

Located Outside of Ottawa

If you are located outside of Ottawa and can't visit the studio for a fitting no worries at all. 

Contact us with the following information and we will work with you to create a perfect fitting suit. 

  • Type of suit 

  • Show date and Organization competing in.

  • Colour and suit design (pictures are great)

  • budget

  • Measurements (Hips, Waist, Rib cage, bust, height, and cup size. We will also need to know if you are augmented) 

If you are concerned about the fit of the suit, we will work with you to ensure the fit is what you are looking for. Possible options is to send you the suit before the rhinestones are added for you to try on.